Chicks and shakes

The eggs are hatching now, and the house is all of a sudden very loud and filled with these fluffy sweethearts. It does put on in a rather… chirpy… mood!

Four chicks so far, about 10 to go.

I have also managed to get a cold – how is it that you always get sick when you have important plans? This weekend I have an art course for 30 kids (I’m sure their parents will be super excited about me sniffling). I also have to bake 8 cakes.  So this will be interesting…. Hopefully I will survive! I will of course post about the cakes and the course later (Is there anything better than doing arts and crafts with kids? I spent all of today buying materials and it makes ME so excited to make things!).

Well, I am off to enjoy my banana and chocolate shake – have a great weekend!





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